"Woodpeckers" is a short animated movie I was directing for a school project in Fall 2015. It was a great pleasure to work with a team of young talented animators, my fellow students, who helped me complete this film within a semester.

Here is a quick summary of the story. A family of Woodpeckers are living on different levels of a huge tree. In order to communicate with one another they knock their beak-like noses against the walls of the tree. Woodpeckers prove to be rather talkative creatures. Eventually a huge amount of meaningless messages becomes too overwhelming for the tree to withstand, and Woodpeckers lose their connection.

Below you can see some sections of character design and visual development for "Woodpeckers", as well as some fragments of an actual movie. 

Woodpeckers: Flint and Grandma Bo
Deco Pengvi (Mom) and Little Pete
Ending Scenes
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